CACOMA, is an abbreviation of CApe COd MAss. It is also the first 2 letters of each of our children’s names; CAmpbell, COlleen and MAxwell. My family has been coming to the Cape for generations. My grand-parents started vacationing here in the early 1950’s. Then my parents came for decades, bringing my 4 brothers and me, starting before the Mass Pike and Interstate 495 were even built. All my cousins from New England joined us.

When I cross the bridge, I am thrown back to the past. Nauset Beach, Philbrick's (which became Liam's) onion rings and fried clams, the grill on the porch of our cottage, corn on the cob, Coast Guard Beach before the Nor’easter of ’78, Race Point, and body surfing for hours on end. The joy of just playing in the sand as a child, chasing crabs in the water at Skaket Beach. When I was 10 years old, I took the family Sunfish sail-boat across the bay to Hog Island, to look for the treasure Captain Kidd was rumored to have buried there. I did not find it. All the little wonders of Cape Cod. When you cross the bridge, I know you will be making new cherished memories and discovering more little wonders of Cape Cod.

It is important to learn about the real history of Cape Cod. It was 1524 when Europeans had their first contact with the Wampanoag, who hunted, fished and farmed. Maize, beans and squash were the "Three Sisters". Deadly disease struck, war followed and the their people and culture were devasted. Today there are around 2000 wampanoag decendants. Groups are working hard to revive the language.

Explore the ”little wonders” of Cape Cod, become a kid again and discover and create your own personal ”wonders” and memories. Share the experience with friends and family, and most importantly, pass the love along to your children. We are the land and the land is us. We take care of the things we love— our land, our ponds, the bay, our ocean, and our families. CaCoMa means family— when you’re here with your family, you’re local. You will make your own history and traditions.

100% of net profit generated from our products and services will be donated to high impact organization on the Cape which share our purpose. These include The Association to Preserve Cape Cod ( and Cape Abilities (