• Flying Finley

    Legend has it that Flying Finley is part Labrador, part pit bull, part hawk, and 100% nocturnal, which is why he’s rarely been seen. You may spot him in the trees at dusk with other birds of prey. Or hear him howling with the coyotes on the marsh at night. Who knows? Maybe someday your puppy will sprout wings and fly with Finley! It could happen; it’s the Cape!

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  • Sharkstah

    Part Great White Shark, part lobster. How did this ever happen? There was a famous marine biologist known as the Shark Lady. She muses that 20,000 ago, when lobsters were plentiful off Cape Cod beaches, sharks would gorge themselves on so many lobsters that it affected their evolution, and some great whites grew claws. Sounds a little wild, but who knows? It’s the Cape!

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  • Octohorse

    Cape Cod is one of the few places where octopuses and sea horses live in the same waters. Octohorses, the combination, live near the ocean floor and are very small and shy. So they’re really hard to find. But some folks have reported seeing them on the Ocean side! If you’re lucky enough to spot one in the surf, don’t worry; they’re afraid of us and quickly swim away.

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